Financial Workbook


Do you completely understand your financial picture?

Small Business Accounting wants to help you understand your financial situation. Whether you have good credit or bad credit this workbook can help you see patterns of spending and help find ways to save a little more each month.

With today's society, saving money seems to be a thing of the past. We want to help our clients understand the importance of saving for their future.


Will you want to work at sixty-five? Seventy? What if you don't have any savings when you are ready to stop working? Social Security alone will not be enough, who will support your? If you are planning to rely on your children, how will that affect their financial picture?

Help protect your future and your children's by planning ahead now. Saving does not have to mean sacrifice. We will show you ways to cut out extra spending without giving up the things you love.

The financial workbook was created to help individuals review their true financial picture.

This workbook was designed to show you:

  • How much you truly spend per month
  • What your money is spent on each month
  • Where you can save money (towards your goals)
  • How to change your spending habits to achieve your financial goals
  • Basic Budgeting
  • Tell you your Net Worth

July 16th, 2019

8:31pm Pacific