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Why Small Business Accounting?

Small Business Accounting offers a full range of Accounting and Bookkeeping services.

New Businesses

We can help a new business with training and installation of their accounting software. We help set up accounting processes, develop a business budget, and help with establishing a business plan. These steps will help guide your new business as it continues to grow.

Established Businesses

As an established business owner we understand you don't have time to handle your day to day accounting functions. There are sales to be made, contacts to make, and a line of employees that have a quick question. Bookkeeping functions quickly get put to the bottom of the pile. Yet, that nagging "I've got to get my books done." feeling lingers in the back of your mind. Small Business Accounting can take the added pressure off by taking on that function so you can focus freely on other things.

Investor Services

We can help Real Estate Investors keep track of all the transactions that are involved with each rental property. Therefore leaving you time to focus on that next purchase, knowing your finances are in order and ready when you need them.

Personal Finance

We can help individuals get a handle on their personal finances. We offer training, education, and a workbook to help get your financial situation under control.

Mission Statement

To ensure our clients' financial growth through education and understanding of their true financial picture, with accurate and timely information.

August 21st, 2019

3:08am Pacific